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Megan Moon

In short:


Megan Moon, MA, LPC-Associate




Trauma survivor

Raised in poverty




Licensed Professional Counselor Associate 

License Number: 85228


Administered by:


Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors 

Please note: my license is filed under my legal name Jessica Satterfield




Family of origin struggles

Emotional Neglect



Domestic and Sexual Violence

Survivors of Narcissistic Abuse

Adult Children of Emotionally Immature Parents

Adult Children of parents struggling with addiction 

Identity related concerns 

Teens 16+ 



Attachment oriented 

Relationally focused 

Interpersonal Neurobiology


Intersectional Feminist 

Internal Family Systems (parts work)

Somatic Experiencing 

LGBTQ+ affirming 

Sex worker friendly 

Fat positive and HAES aligned



Masters of Arts in Counseling from St. Edwards University 




Bachelors of Arts in Sociology



Somatic experiencing Training Beginning I II and III




Capricorn Sun

Leo Moon

Capricorn Rising

My two dogs are named Otter and Popcorn

Few things bring me more peace than tending to my tropical plants at home


At length

What does therapy with you feel like?

Hi! I am so glad you are here.

I am a relationally oriented trauma therapist. This means that while I have training and education in specific therapeutic modalities that will inform our work together, I acknowledge that the sacred relationship between therapist and client is where deep healing can happen. Research shows that the largest contributing factor to positive outcomes for clients in therapy is the connection with their therapist. 

This can feel very vulnerable because we are often traumatized in relationships yet we can only heal in safe supportive and affirming relationships. We often do not know we should be treated better until we are. One of the most beloved parts of this work for me is to be a safe person for my clients and make way for deep healing to happen. 

I am an attachment therapist. This means that I believe that our earliest and most foundational relationships shape our sense of self, our worldview and how we relate to others throughout life. In our work together, we will explore your childhood experiences to be curious about what emotional learnings you may have developed in order to stay safe. A common one I see in my work with clients is "if i stay small and do not have needs, I will be okay." So many of us are unknowingly living from our "survival self" after trauma. Together we will explore your emotional learnings, be curious about if they are still serving you and see what other options are available to you so that you can reclaim your power and worthiness after trauma. 

I am an intersectional feminist and work from an anti-oppressive lens. This means that I will always do my best to take into account all parts of your identity and how society and those in power treat those identities. Many of what the medical model of therapy call "diagnoses" are very natural responses to trauma and contending with oppressive, capitalist, colonial systems. Anxiety makes sense when we have known so little safety in the world and are being actively oppressed.


I honor our work as collaborative. There is an inherent power dynamic in therapy. I do my best to decrease that felt sense of powerlessness for my clients and truly believe that you are the expert on your lived experience. I call our work our work for a reason. We are doing it together.


You are allowed to have boundaries and limits in session. I welcome you to say things like:

"No, that doesn't feels true for me."

"I am not ready to talk about that yet."

"Megan, It made me feel upset when you..."

I am a body and nervous system oriented therapist. Many of my clients come to me sharing that they are not feeling much relief from their trauma symptoms through regular talk therapy. This is because traumatic experiences store themselves in our bodies and nervous systems. Additionally, in an effort to protect ourselves after trauma, we often disconnect from the body. I utilize Interpersonal Nuerobiology and Somatic Experiencing techniques to slowly and with consent help my clients reconnect to the sensations of their bodies to release trauma and reconnect with their gut and intuition.  

While trauma recovery is hard work at times we will also laugh, cuss, celebrate the good and talk sh*t when needed. These are also essential parts of healing in my humble opinion. 

I am

lgbtqiap+ identified and affirming

Sex worker friendly

Fat positive + HAES aligned

All bodies, identities, and abilities are welcome here. 

Many of my clients identify as:



Deeply Feeling/Highly Sensitive People

People Pleasers


Black sheep of their families

Survivors of childhood abuse and neglect

Living with Complex-PTSD

Megan Moon, MA, LPC-Associate
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